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DeepOpinion Clinches the Coveted DIA Diamond Award for Second Time in Three Years

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DeepOpinion Clinches the Coveted DIA Diamond Award for Second Time in Three Years

Co-CEO Stefan Ramershoven holding the DIA DIAmond Award

Amsterdam, Netherlands — June 13, 2024 — In a remarkable recognition of cutting-edge innovation and consistent excellence in the insurance technology sector, DeepOpinion has once again been honored with the prestigious DIA Diamond Award at the ITC DIA Europe 2024 conference. This notable achievement marks the second time the company has received this honor, the first being in 2022.

The DIA Diamond Award, celebrated for its recognition of outstanding contributions to the digital transformation of insurance, was presented during a vibrant ceremony at the Taets Art and Event Park in Amsterdam. The award, decided by a panel comprising a wide range of European insurers, underscores DeepOpinion’s pivotal role in shaping the future of the insurance industry through its combination of generative AI, business process digitalization and no-code development in a single platform.

A Platform for Pioneers

The ITC DIA Europe event is renowned as a premier gathering spot for the insurance and insurtech industry's elite, featuring a robust agenda filled with expert-led panels, engaging keynotes, and over 50 dynamic 'Show & Tell' live demos. DeepOpinion stood out among its peers for its innovative approach to automating knowledge work within the insurance sector, setting a benchmark in operational efficiency and customer service enhancement.

The winners of the 2024 DIA DIAmond Award

Celebrating Team Excellence

Special recognition was given to Stefan Ramershoven, CEO, and Alex Tataran for their leadership and vision, which were instrumental in clinching this award. Their presence and compelling presentation on stage were pivotal in highlighting the company's achievements and future direction. The success is also a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire global team at DeepOpinion, whose expertise and innovative mindset drive the company forward.

Networking and Knowledge Sharing

Apart from the award ceremony, the event also offered unique networking opportunities, including side events like ferry networking rides and a kick-off party. Additionally, an AI-based matchmaking app facilitated impactful connections among attendees, enhancing the collaborative spirit of the event.

Stefan Ramershoven with the event organizers: Roger Peverelli, Kimberly Barnes, and Reggy de Feniks

A Future Driven by Technology

With the backing of major industry players like CGI, Appian, and Deloitte, ITC DIA Europe continues to be a crucial platform for discussing and deploying technology solutions that promise to revolutionize the insurance landscape. DeepOpinion’s recognition at such a distinguished gathering not only reinforces its market leadership but also sets the stage for further innovations in leveraging generative AI, machine learning, and blockchain technology.

About DeepOpinion

DeepOpinion is at the forefront of the digital transformation in the insurance sector, dedicated to harnessing the power of Generative Automation to redefine industry standards and enhance customer experiences. Our commitment to innovation and excellence continues to drive our growth and success in the insurtech space.


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