Siemens jumped to 90% touchless processing in 2 weeks

Siemens, a leader in innovation, embraced the power of GenAI and LLMs, achieving over 90% touchless processing of delivery notes within 2 weeks.

"I was shocked by the leap in performance. Truly next-level straight through processing"

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Siemens' leap into AI-driven document processing transformed repetitive tasks into a strategic edge. By deploying the power of generative automation, Siemens automated the handling of over 35,000 delivery note layouts, achieving 98% accuracy. This revolution not only sped up processes but also enhanced data accuracy, employee satisfaction, and overall operational efficiency, positioning Siemens as a leader in innovative manufacturing solutions.

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Inquiries Solved

Siemens AG is a leading global technology company headquartered in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. Specializing in power generation, distribution, and intelligent infrastructure, Siemens offers innovative solutions for diverse industries including energy, healthcare, and manufacturing. From smart mobility solutions to digital healthcare services, Siemens serves as a key player in shaping the future of technology worldwide.

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The challenge

The Hurdles of Processing Delivery Notes

You step into a Siemens manufacturing plant, a hub of innovation, yet bogged down by a surprisingly mundane issue: the processing of delivery notes. With materials flooding in from over a thousand vendors, each delivery note was a key to keeping the gears of this manufacturing giant turning smoothly. But there was a catch – the process was as outdated as a floppy disk in the era of cloud computing.

Every day, employees faced mountains of paper and digital documents, each with its unique layout and content quirks. These weren't just any documents; they were the lifeline of the supply chain, containing crucial details like part numbers, quantities, and delivery timelines. Processing these documents meant manually keying in data into the ERP system, a task as tedious as watching paint dry, and just as error-prone.

Imagine the scene: workers at their desks or on factory floors, tablets in hand, squinting at smudged printouts or scrolling through endless email attachments. The manual entry wasn't just a test of patience; it was a breeding ground for errors. A missed digit here, a misread line there – and the ripple effects could mean delayed production lines, frustrated vendors, and unhappy customers.

This cumbersome process was more than just an operational headache; it was a strategic bottleneck. In an industry where speed and accuracy are paramount, Siemens found itself in a paradox, leading in innovation but lagging in administrative efficiency. The irony wasn't lost on the employees, who felt their time and skills could be better utilized than playing detective with inconsistent document formats.

The challenge was clear: Siemens needed a solution that could untangle this web of inefficiencies, turn the tide of mounting frustrations, and harness the true potential of its workforce. The goal was not just to improve a process but to revolutionize it, ensuring that the company could maintain its reputation as a leader in manufacturing excellence.

The solution

Siemens Leverages AI for Smarter Document Processing

Siemens, at the forefront of manufacturing innovation, found its game-changer in DeepOpinion, a platform that transformed its tedious document processing into a streamlined, intelligent automation system. Here’s how it unfolded:

In a bustling Siemens office, the team gathered, skeptical yet hopeful, around a new idea that promised to cut through their document dilemma like a laser through sheet metal. They decided to pilot DeepOpinion's AI model, intrigued by its claim to process delivery notes from countless suppliers with unmatched accuracy and speed.

The first step was a departure from the norm: instead of the laborious traditional OCR and manual data entry, Siemens opted for DeepOpinion's Large Language Model (LLM) technology. This wasn’t just any AI—it was a system pre-trained on millions of documents, capable of deciphering text from images, understanding nuanced context, and extracting relevant data with precision.

The Siemens team was soon in awe. The LLM tackled over 35,000 document layouts from various vendors, achieving an astounding 98%+ accuracy rate. This wasn't just about reading text; it was about understanding intent, hierarchies, and the intricate dance of data within each document. From handwritten notes on a smudged delivery slip to the digital precision of emailed PDFs, nothing was too chaotic or complex for the AI.

Integration was the next hurdle, yet DeepOpinion made it seem effortless. Seamlessly connecting with Siemens’ ERP system, notably SAP, the AI model validated delivery information against purchase orders in real-time. This wasn't just automation; it was a symphony of software and system harmony, where discrepancies were flagged and resolved with the precision of a finely tuned machine.

The ‘Human in the Loop’ (HITL) feature played a pivotal role. It wasn't about replacing humans but empowering them. The Siemens team could oversee the AI's performance, stepping in only when necessary, thus significantly reducing their manual workload and allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks.

Witnessing the transformation, André, a Siemens data scientist, remarked, "It outperformed what we developed over years in accuracy. It feels like magic; now we benchmark our data quality on DeepOpinion models."

DeepOpinion's solution for Siemens was more than just a technical implementation; it was a strategic revolution. It turned the mundane task of document processing into a source of efficiency and insight, proving that even in the nuts and bolts of manufacturing, innovation could drive significant change.

The impact

Siemens' Strategic Leap with AI for Unmatched Efficiency

The impact of DeepOpinion's AI solution on Siemens was profound and multifaceted, touching every corner of the organization and beyond. Let’s delve into how this technological leap reshaped Siemens' operational landscape:

Operational Excellence: Siemens' leap into AI-driven document processing was akin to stepping onto a high-speed conveyor belt from a crowded sidewalk. The immediate acceleration was palpable: processing times for delivery notes shrank from days to mere hours, or even minutes. This wasn’t just about speed; the accuracy levels soared to 98%, making data discrepancies a rarity. Employees, once bogged down by manual data entry, now monitored and managed processes, focusing on exceptions flagged by the AI, enhancing their work quality and job satisfaction.

Financial Impact: Financially, the effects were nothing short of revolutionary. Siemens witnessed an annual ROI exceeding €5M, a figure that spoke volumes in boardrooms and budget meetings. This wasn’t just saving money; it was freeing up capital for innovation, employee development, and strategic investments, ensuring Siemens’ competitive edge in the manufacturing sector.

Cultural Transformation: The implementation of DeepOpinion's AI model catalyzed a cultural shift within Siemens. Employees, initially skeptical about AI, experienced firsthand the benefits of embracing cutting-edge technology. This change wasn’t just about adopting a new tool; it was about moving towards a future where technology and human expertise combined to create a more efficient, innovative workplace.

Client and Vendor Satisfaction: The ripple effects extended beyond Siemens’ walls, reaching vendors and clients who noticed the swifter, more accurate processing of delivery notes. This efficiency boost strengthened relationships, built trust, and solidified Siemens’ reputation as a reliable, forward-thinking partner in the manufacturing industry.

Strategic Advantage: On a strategic level, Siemens transformed from an industry player struggling with operational inefficiencies to a market leader defining the future of manufacturing through AI. The success story with DeepOpinion became a beacon, highlighting Siemens’ ability to innovate and adapt, attracting talent, partners, and clients inspired by this vision.

In sum, DeepOpinion's AI solution didn’t just solve a logistical problem for Siemens; it propelled the company into a new era of operational efficiency, financial gain, employee satisfaction, and strategic leadership, setting a new standard in the manufacturing industry.

The future

AI-Integrated Future for Manufacturing

As Siemens looks ahead, the journey with DeepOpinion is far from over; it's just getting started. The initial success in transforming delivery note processing is merely the prologue to a broader narrative of innovation and efficiency. Here’s how Siemens envisions its future with DeepOpinion:

Expanding AI Across the Enterprise: Siemens plans to leverage DeepOpinion’s AI capabilities beyond delivery note processing. The goal is to deploy this technology across various departments, automating processes like inventory management, quality control, and even customer service. This widespread adoption will ensure that the benefits of AI are not confined to a single department but are infused throughout the organization.

Customization and Continuous Improvement: The beauty of DeepOpinion’s platform lies in its adaptability and continuous learning capabilities. Siemens intends to harness these features to create highly customized AI models tailored to specific needs. These models will continuously evolve, becoming smarter and more efficient, thereby driving ongoing improvement in process efficiency and accuracy.

Integration and Scalability: One of DeepOpinion’s standout features is its robust integration capabilities. Siemens plans to integrate DeepOpinion’s AI seamlessly with its existing systems across the globe, ensuring a unified approach to data processing and analysis. This scalability is crucial for Siemens, given its extensive global footprint and diverse operations.

Innovation in Document Processing: DeepOpinion’s ability to handle a wide variety of document types, from structured to unstructured, opens up new possibilities for Siemens. By processing complex documents like technical manuals, project plans, and legal contracts, Siemens can unlock valuable insights, improve decision-making, and enhance operational efficiency.

Empowering Employees with AI: Beyond operational efficiency, Siemens aims to empower its employees by providing them with AI tools that augment their capabilities. Through DeepOpinion’s intuitive, no-code platform, employees at all levels can design and implement AI solutions, democratizing AI usage and fostering a culture of innovation.

Driving Strategic Outcomes: Ultimately, Siemens’ vision with DeepOpinion is not just about streamlining processes but also about enabling strategic outcomes. By harnessing AI's power, Siemens can enhance its product and service offerings, improve customer satisfaction, and maintain its leadership in the manufacturing industry.

In conclusion, Siemens’ future with DeepOpinion is one where AI-driven automation becomes a cornerstone of its operational strategy, driving efficiency, innovation, and strategic advantage in the competitive global marketplace.

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Siemens jumped to 90% touchless processing in 2 weeks

Siemens, a leader in innovation, embraced the power of GenAI and LLMs, achieving over 90% touchless processing of delivery notes within 2 weeks.

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Siemens jumped to 90% touchless processing in 2 weeks

Siemens, a leader in innovation, embraced the power of GenAI and LLMs, achieving over 90% touchless processing of delivery notes within 2 weeks.

"I was shocked by the leap in performance. Truly next-level straight through processing"